Breakfast at ... Chanel's

Breakfast at Chanel's, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, Lauren Bacall, 7 more minutes, 7moreminutes, Alyona Prykhodko

Getting Ready Time: 25 minutes

I don’t think I am the only girl that confesses to her love of old movies. 'Breakfast at Tiffany’s' and 'Sabrina' for when I’m feeling a bit blah, 'Pillow Talk' for when I want romance that's not of a cheesy nature and 'How to Marry a Millionaire' or 'Gentlemen Prefer Blonds' for a good laugh. I have seen those movies so many times, that I can recite them from the opening line to the very end. I have seen those movies so many times, that my boyfriend can do the same… I

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How To Rock A Slouchy Monday

How To Rock A Slouchy Monday, Alyona Prykhodko, 7 more minutes, fashion, blog, LFW Getting Ready Time: 1 hour, 11 minutes (in my defence it's not easy to find the 'right' type of slouchy sweater!)

For some bizarre reason, the ‘I just want to look comfortable and be relaxed whilst simultaneously looking fabulous, fashionable and just the right level of ‘done’ ’ effect is the hardest one to accomplish (also known as ‘Oh, this old thing?’ look). Give me a black tie situation any day- it’s just so much easier.

I assume that there are plenty of girls who manage to look amazingly pulled together with minimal effort. They simply put ‘this old thing

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What To Wear To A Sunday Date

7 more minutes, Alyona Prykhodko, fashion, blog, 7moreminutes Getting Ready Time: I forgot to time myself minutes... But judging by 4 missed calls it did take a while...

Ok, running your own business and being able to occasionally work from home is exciting. It is also super exciting when your boyfriend can do the same. You can spend more time together and there is no time wasted on the commute to work, blablabla…

It’s great. It’s amazing. I would even say wonderful! There is just one problem…

We have now reached a point when we rarely see each other out of ‘home wear’. And ‘home wear

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Let's Talk Faux Fur

Let's Talk Faux Fur, fashion blog, Alyona Prykhodko, 7 more minutes, 7moreminutes, leopard

Getting Ready Time: 10 minutes flat

Ok, I have to confess: I love fur (wow, can I just feel the hate ccoming! But bear with me...).

Born in Ukraine, I know the spectacular difference fur makes during a trully cold winter. Back home everyone either owns one (or ten) or strives to save for one (made easier since fur is considerably cheaper in Russia and Ukraine, than in the rest of Europe).

Now, I will not argue with those who damn it immoral or unethical. I am a strong believer in making your own choices and decisions: be it on

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Brace Yourselves. It Is Comming.

Valentine's day, ALyona Prykhodko, 7 more minutes, 7moreminutes, Valentino NY edition

Getting Ready Time: Uggh... Like, forever.

Does anyone else think that Valentine’s Day is becoming a little stressful? …Flowers, chocolates, wine tasting, gifts, tickets, the right outfit, the wrong outfit, lipstick, hearts everywhere… I won’t lie, most of the time I genuinely enjoy the whole process and the drama of if (after all, as a girl I do get the sweet end of the lollipop: show up looking pretty. There! Job done. ☺ ), but since I have been ill and exhausted for the last eternity, we have decided to take it easy and just have a romantic meal at

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